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  • Partial recall

    It’s come to our attention that some of our jars did not properly seal before shipment, and as such some may have developed mold. If you’ve received a jar like this, or experienced any such result, please contact us immediately. Thanks.

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  • Celebrate Spring with Strawberry!

    To ring in the warmer weather, Chef Gerhard decided to throw together a delicious vanilla cake and garnish it with all the strawberry flavor he could muster. The cake recipe isn’t vegan or gluten free, but as always, our frostings are. 2 1/4 CUP FLOWER 1 1/3 CUP SUGAR 3 TEASPOON BAKING POWDER 1/2 TEASPOON […]

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  • Hello again, World!

    Today we’re going to respond to an early customer question because it’s something we get asked a lot. What makes your frosting different? It’s a good question and makes sense for people to ask. With all the established players out there, why bother with some unknown brand? A pretty label’s not enough, after all. If you’re a […]

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  • Hello World!

    Welcome to the Black Forest Edibles blog. Like every good company, we want to make sure that we have a direct line of communication with our customers, so we can best respond to your questions, comments, concerns, and requests for new flavors. But, as with every first blog post, let’s talk about what you can […]

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